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     Music To Your Ears Mobile Entertainers specialize in tailoring the music to the moment. In the same way that a movie soundtrack enhances the experience of viewing a feature film, our entertainers set a soundtrack to your event. Our organization will work closely with you to ensure that whatever your event may be, it will have a soundtrack worthy of an award.

     Your big day is too important to trust to just anyone. Make sure you select a mobile entertainment company whom will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your event is everything that you envision. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and therefore only book one event per day. This ensures that your event will receive our entire attention and the best service possible.

     Whether your planning a wedding, birthday party, or a company holiday party our organization is prepared to provide all of your music needs. Ensure that your guest have a great time by choosing a company that knows what it means to earn its reputation one client at a time. 

     Our entertainers use only professional grade equipment from companies such as Numark, Denon, and Mackie to ensure reliability. Each entertainers also arrrives with professional back-up equipment in the unlikely event of a failure of the primary system.

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